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I have a friend who has a catch phrase: "I'm not in the everyone business." It's one of those brilliant lines with multiple layers of meaning, and the more you think on it the deeper it gets. So of course I shamelessly borrowed it, and now I tell people, "I'm not in the everyone ministry." That means I realize my ministry isn't for everyone. My writing isn't for everybody. My teaching style may not be everyone's cup of tea. God hasn't called me to minister to everyone.

The saving message of the Gospel is certainly for everyone, but *I* may not be the one you relate to - and I'm okay with that. I really am. I'm no longer interested in trying to appeal to the masses, casting such a wide net that the message gets hopelessly watered down in a vain effort not to offend anyone. There are 50 million other places you can go to learn how to elevate your spirit, so if you don't "get me" that's fine. Click the Back button on your browser and go with God. I wish you a very happy and fulfilling life.

However, those of you who I am called to reach will hear me, and whosoever will may come. But that begs the question: Who am I ministering to? Who do I want to reach? Who is the target audience here at Michael Dorsey Online? The answer to that question is God has called me to serve six distinct groups, and you might be surprised to learn that some of them are very non-traditional. So let me briefly outline who it is that I AM talking to, so I can give you some clarity and insight as to how I can help and what I can do for you.
The first group God has called me to minister to are the true seekers. Some people claim to be seekers, but they're really not. They're cowards who don't want to make a firm decision, so they call themselves seekers, but it's a cop-out. Then there are what I call the true seekers. These are honest people who don't know God as their Father yet, but they do recognize there's more to their existence than what's contained in the material world, and they're curious to discover what that might be.

Unfortunately the traditional church usually runs these people off. Many honest seekers have been disappointed by the dogmatic pronouncements of some in the church, people who are so dogmatic, ironically, because they’re usually insecure in their own beliefs. But being turned off by religious people isn’t the same thing as being turned off on God. Some of you who are truly seeking enlightenment are still on the journey, and I respect that. While I personally believe your ultimate destination is the Kingdom of God, you haven't fully arrived at that conclusion yet. I understand you, and I believe God will use me to help you.
God has also called me to raise up soldiers in His army. That doesn’t mean starting up a Christian militia, but it means helping believers to develop a soldier's mentality; not necessarily literal soldiers, sailors and marines. However, those whom God calls that HAVE served in the armed forces already have that mentality to a large degree. What do I mean by a "soldier's mentality”? Someone who is willing to endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, not entangling himself in the affairs of this life so that he can please the One who called him to be a soldier (2 Timothy 2:3-4).

While Jesus has defeated Satan and the war is won, unfortunately the battles are not over. We are an occupying army, and we must enforce His victory over all the Earth - not a physical army occupying physical territory, but a spiritual army on the offensive against the kingdom of darkness and liberating the souls who are still imprisoned there. We have been commanded to continue carrying out this victory of our Lord who said “Occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13).
I’m also called to teach students of God’s Word. Casual readers will never be able to mine the treasures contained within the scriptures. You have to take on the mentality of a Bible student, recognizing that this pursuit of studying the scriptures will continue for the remainder of your time here on Earth. The Word is alive and you should always “study and be eager and do your utmost… correctly and accurately… rightly handling… the Word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15 AMP)

The pursuit of mastering the Bible is an adventure that will last a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to not look at Bible study as an event or a process, but as a mentality that you adopt and internalize. I'm called to minister to people who desire to become students of God's Word. If that's you, I can definitely help you get there.
The spirit has also led me to reach out to scholars. Throughout the Bible God uses people from all walks of life - carpenters and shepherds, farmers and fishermen. But when He had something really important He needed to get done, God always used a highly educated person. When it came time to speak forth the prophecies concerning the coming Messiah, He used Isaiah the statesman instead of Amos the herdsman. When it came time to release the message of the Gospel of grace into the Earth, He turned not to Peter the fisherman, but to the very highly educated Rabbi Paul.

However, education can also be a hindrance to spiritual growth because those with above-average intelligence will have a tendency to over-analyze spiritual things, and they typically ask a lot of questions. For that reason too many churches have placed a premium on ignorance. I believe there's a vast number of very smart people who would be interested in the things of God, but their intellectual honesty prevents them from "checking their mind at the door" (so to speak) when they step inside a church. I want you to know it doesn't have to be that way. You can be a scholar and a follower of the Most High at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive.
The next group are what I call the sages – the wise men of our society. God calls the foolish, but He also calls the wise. There are many very successful people out there who God loves just as much as anyone else - CEOs, entrepreneusers, business professionals, captains of industry. The problem is these types of individuals are often disconnected from the church because their perception is the church only wants them for their money, and too often the church doesn't know how to relate to the sages in return.

So let me share a couple of things with you sages out there: First of all, God doesn't need your resources. He's doing very well, and He doesn’t want your money. What He does want is YOU. He's the One who created the unique talents you possess that have allowed you to get this far, and He wants to take you even farther. Secondly, stop thinking about what might be taken from you and instead focus on what you have to offer His Kingdom. I’m not referring to just your money or your time, but I’m talking about your unique insights and specialized expertise. You've mastered the natural realm and the financial realm. Now let me help you focus on attaining that same level of mastery in the spiritual realm.
Finally, God has called me to minister to His servants, which is a special pleasure for me since I'm also one of those servants. The word "minister" actually means to serve. Since the ministers of the church have a calling that's not shared by every believer, these servants of God should be recognized and appreciated for what they do. At the same time, with that role comes a greater calling to service. Jesus said the greatest among us would be the servant of all (Matthew 23:11), a principle He certainly lived out in His own life.

The division of the church into ministers and laity is a false dichotomy. We are all called to a ministry in some form or another, and just because you aren't "in the ministry," that doesn't mean you don't have spiritual responsibilities of your own. However, God has set some individuals into specific offices in the church, and although these precious men and women of God serve tirelessly in their calling, often there is precious little service done for them in return. God has called me to minister to His servants, and if you're one of those ministers it would be my great honor to serve you.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said those of you who I’m called to reach will hear me, and whosoever will may come. Seekers & Soldiers, Students & Scholars, and Sages & Servants - if you identify with any of these groups then maybe you're one of those I've been called to reach. If not, that's fine too. Some will get it and some won't. For those that do, it’s no accident or coincidence that God has brought us together. I pray you will recognize this divine appointment and not miss the day of your visitation.

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