Author, Teacher, Minister,
& Spiritual Growth Trainer
Live Victoriously In EVERY Area of Life
Without wasting a fortune or spending years learning how!
Jesus Christ didn't save you to watch you fail!

Master The Keys To Victorious Living
Ready to stop pretending? Don't just say what you believe, but DO what you believe. BE what you believe. Start walking the walk so your life is pleasing to God.
Stop the madness and start truly prospering. No more lies, no more baptized materialism, and no more
false humility of the world system's scarcity mindset.
Pray on Purpose. Pray with Confidence. Pray in Faith. Pray with Boldness. Pray with Certainty. Pray with Power. Pray for RESULTS! It's time to get your answers.
It's not where you start, but how you finish. Victorious living begins with the glory of God on the inside and works its way outward until every area of your life is changed!
Need help? Reach out to me
But understand the Ground Rules:
Who I Will NEVER Work With
People who are more Creative coming up with Excuses than Solutions
Pride-full people who Expect to be Petted and aren't Teachable
Covetous money-hungry people looking for a Quickie shortcut to Success
Self-pitying babies who Insist on staying Stuck in their Victim Mentality
Self-pitying babies who Insist on staying Stuck in their Victim Mentality
Who I Will ALWAYS Work With
High-Achievers who are lacking the Spiritual component in their lives, Unreached by the Church
True Seekers with an Honest heart who just Want Help figuring things out
Students of God's Word looking for Greater Revelation and Spiritual Insight
Christian Soldiers working to Advance the Kingdom of God throughout the World

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